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This blog is a culmination of the hard work and collaboration of three college friends who needed a project for one of their elective computer classes. At the time of writing this, we are pleased to announce that we have far surpassed the expectations of the assignment (which was to create a basic website).

We have made, in our humble opinions, much more than just a basic website, and have aspirations of turning it into a platform through which our fellow students can voice their opinions to whoever may stumble across it.

Local Businesses

We research, interview, and discuss various businesses and models with CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

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We discuss trends, fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle. Straight from the prospective of those who live it!

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We write about current events in our area and in the world. We also take stories from across the country!

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The internet is the

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We are EHRCWEB, and we love the fact that the internet is the ultimate arena for free speech. In light of recent political events, our team believes this is a principle that is now more important than ever, and it must be upheld. This is one of the major driving factors for us when we decided to keep posting on this blog after our assignment was finished, and why we want your input as well!

We want to hear about what is going on in your town, whether it be a small city in America, or a bustling suburb somewhere in Europe. Your input will help fuel the fires of this blog, and make it something spectacular!

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