Finding a Great Espresso Machine

There is no doubt that espresso is a fantastic drink to not only give you a boost in the morning, but also great to craft into a variety of different and equally delicious barista beverages. In this post we will explore what goes into finding a great espresso machine, and how you can take steps to purchase your first one without breaking the bank.

Where to Get Good Espresso Info

There is a lot of great information about espresso online, but some of the best certainly comes from other consumers themselves. They will be the most honest, will have tried the product, and will offer their unique insights. Websites like Yourbestespressoreviews offer great insights for beginners on a variety of products. This site is great because it not only gives reviews on higher end machines, but also beginner and mid-tier machines as well. For example, their article “Breville Barista Express – is it worth it?” give excellent tips for beginners looking for a semi automatic machine that will produce exceptionally good tasting espresso. The Breville BES870XL is an excellent choice for this, and it has hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Another great source of espresso information is YouTube. Consumers across the internet make videos on everything from how to tamp, what the best beans to use are, what espresso machines are best for beginners, and much more. Below is an example video.

Best Espresso Brands for Beginners

There are a couple of great brands for beginners, but it really all comes down to what functionality the user is looking for. For example, a college student who likes the flavors espresso has to offer but does not have the budget for a $500+ espresso machine may want something with pods, like the Nespresso. Small machines like this offer great value for a budget. The Nespresso for example is small, compact, at least $400 cheaper than mid range machines in its class, and can make espresso in under a minute. This is perfect for either an office desk or a dorm room, where budget, speed, and compact size are crucial. There is a major trade off however, which is flavor. Pods by and large do not offer the same level of complex flavors as regular grounds. This is where machines like the Breville or Gaggia excel, but at a much higher price point. While they are able to produce fantastic and by many accounts “authentic” brews, they do cost much more than other options.

Other Resources/Sources – Gaggia Classic

Importance of Wildlife Removal Companies

Finding a quality wildlife removal company is incredibly important task when you are dealing with nuisance pests. Nuisance pests can include things like bats, deer, foxes, rats, birds, and more. Many homeowners think that nuisance pests can be taken care of without the help of professionals. This is simply not the case, and there are many instances where the remediation of pests without a professional may actually get you in trouble with the law. Bats, for instance, are protected in most states and it is illegal to both kill them and even remove them from your house. In all of these cases it is imperative to call a wildlife remediation expert.


How to Know if the Wildlife Removal Company is Good for You

In many states, wildlife removal companies are required to get licensing. In New York for example, the state requires companies to get licenses and renew them yearly. A good company will not only offer remediation services, but also offer cleanup and re-entry prevention. Many nuisance pests (including bats) will find their way back into homes if they are not properly sealed out. These types of pests in particular are so much of a problem in fact, that some companies will offer warranties on removing bats and other wildlife. Companies like Orkin and JacopilleBornheimer – a local WNY removal company, are just an example of how larger companies and local level companies are both stepping up their customer service and client retention game, and offering incentives for services.

Can You DIY Your Way Through?

Unfortunately, nuisance wildlife removal is not a job that can simply be done on your own. While there are natural ways to try to get some pests out of your home, the majority of them will require the help of a professional who has an in-depth working knowledge of the pest at hand, and is equipped to handle them safely, humanely, and effectively. This will actually save homeowners money in the long run, as a job done right will prevent potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage later on down the road.

Sources for Wildlife Removal


Animal Control Directory

New York Wildlife Control Licenses

New Gift Website In Time for the Holidays

A New Gift Website Has Just Been Created

Just in Time for the Holidays!


As people across the world prepare for the festive season, there is a palpable increase in the demand for gift ideas, deals, and new items to buy. While the normal places like Amazon Gifts and are swiftly becoming stale, a new and exciting site has emerged to fill the need for fresh new ideas. EpicGifts is a list website that displays a variety of lists catered towards the individual personalities of the person you are shopping for. They have everything from Pokemon gift ideas (to appease your geekier recipients) to individual product reviews (things like the Berkey water filter review cater towards your more outdoorsy crowd). For those of you who enjoy a bit of sentiment, there are a number of DIY posts that detail everything from DIY gifts, to Valentines presents. Below we will discuss a few pros and cons of the site, let you know what our staff thinks of it.

Pros of EpicGifts

EpicGifts really begins to shine and show value when you are out of gift ideas and other websites lists just dont bring anything good or original to the table. For example, you can go to a leading retailer and they will offer a gift list selection. However, the items on the list will be bland, and devoid of personality for the most part. On EpicGifts however, each list is crafted with the recipients personality in mind. For example, if you are shopping for your girlfriend who is in to sports, you have the option to either go to a massive girlfriend gift list that shows an assortment of gift ideas, or go into the personality section and select a list catered towards people who enjoy sports. The latter will give you gift ideas that are not as boring as “things with the team logo on them” and will spark ideas as to what to get. This brings us to the second point, which is that it is not meant for you to find the exact item you are going to get, but rather give you an idea and a direction to go in. Oftentimes a user will go to the site, see something they like, they find the gift elsewhere to purchase.

Cons of EpicGifts

While the lists are great, EpicGifts falls short in other areas. For example, the DIY section is sparse, and leaves much to be desired in terms of content. There is only one list of DIY Valentines Day gift ideas, and not a whole lot else. If you are into DIY gifts, we suggest looking on some well known DIY blogs, or simply searching specifically for instructions on the gift you want to make. Another area that is somewhat lacking is the overall variety of lists. While there are a few that cover some of the basics, there is not a whole lot of options once you click on a personality trait (for example only one or two lists under the “fashionista” category).

The Spirit of Gift Giving

Now that you have seen some of the pros and cons, it is time for the opinion. We think that EpicGifts is a great site, with great intentions and overall delivery, but we also want readers to remember what the spirit of giving is. It is not simply buying pharmacy no rx something just to buy something, it is getting something that will make the recipient realize you know and care for them. With that, enjoy whatever holiday traditions you celebrate, stay safe, and happy shopping!

Locksmith Scams Are Back

A year or two ago, fake locksmith scams were so prevalent that they were making both local and national news. Unfortunately it seems they have not gone away, and are making their way back into the limelight despite search engines, government bodies, and media trying to shut them down.

How does it work?

A consumer will find a locksmith via Google or some other ad/search network (Yellowpages etc). However when they call the number, they will be redirected to a call center that will take their information and dispatch a local contractor to handle the call. Unfortunately, many contractors are not licensed locksmiths and some even have criminal histories. Even more worrisome, is reports of contractors trying to charge customers up to 100x the amount they were originally quoted on the phone by the call center. Below is a video showing just how these scam artists operate. To avoid these scams, take a look at our post discussing how to choose a reliable locksmith.

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