Finding a Great Espresso Machine

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There is no doubt that espresso is a fantastic drink to not only give you a boost in the morning, but also great to craft into a variety of different and equally delicious barista beverages. In this post we will explore what goes into finding a great espresso machine, and how you can take steps to purchase your first one without breaking the bank.

Where to Get Good Espresso Info

There is a lot of great information about espresso online, but some of the best certainly comes from other consumers themselves. They will be the most honest, will have tried the product, and will offer their unique insights. Websites like Yourbestespressoreviews offer great insights for beginners on a variety of products. This site is great because it not only gives reviews on higher end machines, but also beginner and mid-tier machines as well. For example, their article “Breville Barista Express – is it worth it?” give excellent tips for beginners looking for a semi automatic machine that will produce exceptionally good tasting espresso. The Breville BES870XL is an excellent choice for this, and it has hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Another great source of espresso information is YouTube. Consumers across the internet make videos on everything from how to tamp, what the best beans to use are, what espresso machines are best for beginners, and much more. Below is an example video.

Best Espresso Brands for Beginners

There are a couple of great brands for beginners, but it really all comes down to what functionality the user is looking for. For example, a college student who likes the flavors espresso has to offer but does not have the budget for a $500+ espresso machine may want something with pods, like the Nespresso. Small machines like this offer great value for a budget. The Nespresso for example is small, compact, at least $400 cheaper than mid range machines in its class, and can make espresso in under a minute. This is perfect for either an office desk or a dorm room, where budget, speed, and compact size are crucial. There is a major trade off however, which is flavor. Pods by and large do not offer the same level of complex flavors as regular grounds. This is where machines like the Breville or Gaggia excel, but at a much higher price point. While they are able to produce fantastic and by many accounts “authentic” brews, they do cost much more than other options.

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