Locksmith Scams are Still Prevalent

By February 27, 2017 No Comments

A year or two ago, fake locksmith scams were so prevalent that they were making both local and national news. Unfortunately it seems they have not gone away, and are making their way back into the limelight despite search engines, government bodies, and media trying to shut them down.

How does it work?

A consumer will find a locksmith via Google or some other ad/search network (Yellowpages etc). However when they call the number, they will be redirected to a call center that will take their information and dispatch a local contractor to handle the call. Unfortunately, many contractors are not licensed locksmiths and some even have criminal histories. Even more worrisome, is reports of contractors trying to charge customers up to 100x the amount they were originally quoted on the phone by the call center. Below is a video showing just how these scam artists operate. To avoid these scams, take a look at our post discussing how to choose a reliable locksmith (coming soon).