New Gift Website in Time for the Holidays

By February 27, 2017 No Comments

A New Gift Website Has Just Been Created

Just in Time for the Holidays!


As people across the world prepare for the festive season, there is a palpable increase in the demand for gift ideas, deals, and new items to buy. While the normal places like Amazon Gifts and are swiftly becoming stale, a new and exciting site has emerged to fill the need for fresh new ideas. EpicGifts is a list website that displays a variety of lists catered towards the individual personalities of the person you are shopping for. They have everything from Pokemon gift ideas (to appease your geekier recipients) to individual product reviews (things like the Berkey water filter review cater towards your more outdoorsy crowd). For those of you who enjoy a bit of sentiment, there are a number of DIY posts that detail everything from DIY gifts, to Valentines presents. Below we will discuss a few pros and cons of the site, let you know what our staff thinks of it.

Pros of EpicGifts

EpicGifts really begins to shine and show value when you are out of gift ideas and other websites lists just dont bring anything good or original to the table. For example, you can go to a leading retailer and they will offer a gift list selection. However, the items on the list will be bland, and devoid of personality for the most part. On EpicGifts however, each list is crafted with the recipients personality in mind. For example, if you are shopping for your girlfriend who is in to sports, you have the option to either go to a massive girlfriend gift list that shows an assortment of gift ideas, or go into the personality section and select a list catered towards people who enjoy sports. The latter will give you gift ideas that are not as boring as “things with the team logo on them” and will spark ideas as to what to get. This brings us to the second point, which is that it is not meant for you to find the exact item you are going to get, but rather give you an idea and a direction to go in. Oftentimes a user will go to the site, see something they like, they find the gift elsewhere to purchase.

Cons of EpicGifts

While the lists are great, EpicGifts falls short in other areas. For example, the DIY section is sparse, and leaves much to be desired in terms of content. There is only one list of DIY Valentines Day gift ideas, and not a whole lot else. If you are into DIY gifts, we suggest looking on some well known DIY blogs, or simply searching specifically for instructions on the gift you want to make. Another area that is somewhat lacking is the overall variety of lists. While there are a few that cover some of the basics, there is not a whole lot of options once you click on a personality trait (for example only one or two lists under the “fashionista” category).

The Spirit of Gift Giving

Now that you have seen some of the pros and cons, it is time for the opinion. We think that EpicGifts is a great site, with great intentions and overall delivery, but we also want readers to remember what the spirit of giving is. It is not simply buying something just to buy something, it is getting something that will make the recipient realize you know and care for them. With that, enjoy whatever holiday traditions you celebrate, stay safe, and happy shopping!